2013-07-03 Gu1Add bank account support master
2013-07-03 Gu1Cast string to int when needed in populate_adherent
2013-06-30 Gu1DRYer error classes
2013-06-29 Gu1HTTP status in APIException; move login uniqueness...
2013-06-29 Gu1Fix check_unmodified_since function
2013-06-29 Gu1Implement extra field support on POST and PATCH method...
2013-06-29 Gu1Add extra fields when displaying adh
2013-06-29 Gu1Add method to list extra fields available on adherent
2013-06-29 Gu1New APIError class for 405 response, MethodNotSupported
2013-06-29 Gu1Fix typo ($object -> $adh)
2013-06-29 Gu1APIDatabaseError class for SQL error, which send debug...
2013-06-29 Gu1Route to handle 404 errors
2013-06-29 Gu1Make the human_encode function return the result instea...
2013-06-28 Gu1Automatically create thirtparty at adh creation
2013-06-28 Gu1New APIError class ObjectNotFound
2013-06-28 Gu1Conditional PATCH request to modify an adherent (If...
2013-06-28 Gu1Refactor error handling
2013-06-28 Gu1Unknown status = draft
2013-06-28 Gu1Adherent validation logic in a separate function, adher...
2013-06-28 Gu1Rename title to honorific
2013-06-28 Gu1Page to create new adherent is now working
2013-06-26 Gu1Add more methods to list countries and states from...
2013-06-26 Gu1Add a gitignore
2013-06-26 Gu1Friendlier human_encode output
2013-06-26 Gu1Better handling of the Allow header and OPTIONS method
2013-06-26 Gu1Add page to list adherent types, fix the adherent creat...
2013-06-26 Gu1Drop XML support
2013-06-24 Gu1Rewrite the mediatypehandler as a middleware
2013-06-18 Gu1Make add_allow a regular function, remove duplicate...
2013-06-15 Gu1Rename adherent -> adherents
2013-06-15 Gu1Add a method to find an adherent by its login
2013-06-15 Gu1Move the adherent routes and mediatypehandler to separa...
2013-06-15 Gu1First commit of our homemade dolibarr REST API